About me…..I care a lot about people. I have enjoyed a full life; yet have had some soul searching times in my life as well. Being an artist is at the heart of my soul. It has lifted me up and carried me through several of my worst times in life over the past 20 years. Art chose me… brushing each stroke of paint onto canvas is therapeutic and healing for me. I love what I do and I love the outcome of what I can create …. something that will touch you, the viewer, in a positive way. I want to transport you to another place or time, bring a smile to your face, engage you to imagine something beautiful, colorful or mysterious with each stroke of my brush in my art online or let me create a beautiful, striking original piece of art for you!

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and have lived outside the Raleigh area for the last twenty-one years, and now currently near Fayetteville. I was raised with a love and appreciation for art and used to watch my grandfather paint as a small child. I love color and I love to paint with acrylics.   I was a decorative artist for about 20 years. I am self-taught and credit God for the talent that I have been blessed with and love to share with others. This is a very rewarding journey (because I cannot call it a job!) and it is my utmost joy to put the brush to the canvas.

  Please browse my canvas acrylic paintings online here under the Art for Sale tab.

All inquiries are welcome.  For a no obligation consultation or commission, please complete the form on my contact page and I will contact you.  Alternatively, please call 252-452-0269 or email Sandra@sandralett.com. Thank you for visiting.  Also, please visit the links below for canvas prints and fine art prints!



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